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CreateTech will NOT sacrifice quality.


CreateTech requires a purchase order to begin your project. All services sold by CreateTech are sold as is. When placing a purchase order with CreateTech, Buyer confirms that Buyer understands and agrees to CreateTech's Terms & Conditions. CreateTech prefers a solid model and drawing, with correct dimensions and tolerances of your component. CreateTech has the capability to convert virtually all CAD file types (SolidWorks, Parasolid X_T, STEP, IGES, ETC.). If you are unable to supply a model of your component, CreateTech can model it for you. CreateTech is capable of model-based machining*, meaning we don't need a drawing, only notes in your file defining the feature. Please refer to the Tolerances section on this page. * Charges may be incurred to create a working drawing.


Unless stated otherwise, all offers made by CreateTech shall be valid for a period of thirty (30) days from such offer. Unless accepted by the Buyer within offer validity period, CreateTech reserves the right to withdraw and/or revise its offer. The prices offered by CreateTech apply only to the specific quantities, specifications, statement of work, delivery schedules, and terms and conditions set forth in CreateTech's Offer. Quoted lead times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Quoted lead times are in business days, not including weekends or holidays. Many factors may delay delivery examples: Current workload at the time your order is placed Machinery malfunction Engineering change order Quantity adjustments Machining complications Supplier delays


An order cannot be cancelled once materials/tooling/shop time have been incurred. Please CONTACT US to discuss your options.


CreateTech will not issue refunds. Please CONTACT US to discuss your options.


All operations require setting up the machine tool. Depending on the complexity of Buyer's component, setups can range from a few minutes to several hours. Custom fixtures are necessary to machine many components, additional material may need to be procured to machine your component. CreateTech uses a variety of standard cutters, occasionally features on Buyer's component require custom cutting tools. These tools and fixtures will be charged to the Buyer and maintained by Createtech for Buyer's specific job. If Buyer places a large quantity order multiple cutters/fixtures may be required.


All dimensions unless otherwise specified, will be assumed to have the following tolerances. If CreateTech is machining components without a Buyer supplied drawing, all dimensions will be assumed to have a tolerance of +/-.005" unless specified otherwise by Buyer. (X.) +/- .1" (X.X) +/- .015 (X.XX) +/- .010 (X.XXX) +/- .005 (X.XXXX) +/- .0005


Createtech, will re-work or replace any work completed by CreateTech determined to not meet specifications. Component must be returned in the same condition it was delivered.


Createtech will modify components sourced elsewhere that require additional machining. However, CreateTech will only be held responsible for the work contracted. Meaning if something goes wrong during operations, Createtech will not supply a new component, however CreateTech will supply the modification work on replaced component at no additional cost.


Any revision to the design/quantity before production will void the quote provided. Once production has started, any and all changes will be implemented on the next order. If production must be stopped to accommodate the revision; cost, and lead time may need to be adjusted, please CONTACT US to discuss your options.


Payment is required upon delivery unless other terms have been arranged. A 50% deposit may be required for materials and tooling.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing by a duly authorized representative of CreateTech, all prices are stated in US Dollars and all invoices issued by CreateTech and payments made by Buyer shall be in US Dollars. All Shop rates have a minimum one hour charge unless specified otherwise Assembly, hardware, finishing and shipping costs are not included unless specified on quote. Prices are subject to change without notice. CAD services - $85 per hour CNC Programming - $85 per hour Machining operations and setup - $85 per hour Fabrication services - $85 per hour After hours/Emergency orders - CONTACT US for pricing and availability. No quotes supplied for emergency orders.


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